ExtremeHiitYoga® is based on the SAID Principle – ‘What we repeatedly do, we become’. The key here is the ability to adapt. Whether it’s biomechanical or neurological, the stresses we place on the human body will force it to adapt to the demands. Therefore the effect of ‘Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands’ (SAID) will reduce if we continue to do the same thing day in, day out. The only way to prevent this is to stimulate the body in a different way, by changing the stresses we impose on it.

Practice may not be enough to see needed improvements in CV health. Recent studies have shown that HIIT interval training HIIT Benefits can have up to 4x the benefits of conventional long distance cardiovascular training of a generic period of time. Our practices are already made up of lower intensity intervals of movement (Vinyasa’s) followed by a period of slower movement when moving into a specific posture. If we then analyze our Yoga practice and compare it to fitness involving High Intensity Intervals we see a slight correlation but on a much lower level.

Here you have some reasons why ExtremeHiitYoga® includes HIIT training:

  1. There is an increased metabolic rate for up to 48 hours after completion of HIIT exercise. Increased Metabolic Rate – 48 Hours
  2. Shorter, high intensity workouts have a greater effect on fat loss than steady cardio. Steady State Cardio Vs. HIIT
  3. HIIT can be adapted to a number of exercises and movement and is dependent on physical exertion, this can be applied from cycling to plyometric exercises.
  4. HIIT has an anti – aging effect through the activation of a well-known enzyme – Telomerase. Anti-ageing – Telomerase
  5. HIIT has been shown to give significant improvements in the body’s ability to utilized oxygen. Better VO2 Improvements
  6. Your capacity to transition smoothly from burning fat (before your workout and during rest periods) to burning carbohydrates (during your work intervals) and back again known as your “metabolic flexibility” also improves with HIIT, making it ideal for reducing unwanted body fat.
  7. HIIT helps enables us to better handle stress due to it’s balancing effects on hormone levels. Your production of vital human growth hormone increases by up to 771 percent during a Peak Fitness workout because you are stimulating your fast muscle fibers, which are rarely used during most exercise programs. HGH Increase – up to 771%

ExtremeHiitYoga® doesn’t confuse asana with exercise. Although a physical practice, Yoga and Fitness are not the same, nor should the physical practice (Asana) be confused with Yoga in it’s entirety. “One should practice yoga for the purification of the self.’ – Bhagavad Gita V1.12 We can utilize modern day understanding to create a more biomechanically efficient body to aid our yoga practice, maintaining a clear division between what is fitness and what is yoga. Swami Kuavalayanda was said to Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharaya “Do not confuse asana and exercise.” When asana is taken as a workout, the intent changes, our dependence on practice may increase and true yoga is lost.

Likewise, participation in activities that focus on the workout aspect, our experience during asana may become more clear and true to it’s original intent. We must maintain the spiritual awareness and the conscious reminder that we are moving towards something higher using asana as a tool.

Here you have some reasons why ExtremeHiitYoga® is keeping the yoga essence:

  1. You build more awareness by moving differently. The external influence of fitness can be utilized to it’s full potential when we begin tapping into the ‘crossover affects’. If your goal is to improve your own Yoga practice, using fitness to increase core awareness will mean you begin to notice the core and use it more during postures.
  2. Our nervous system becomes better at sensing where we are in space, recruiting muscles in the proper sequence and reacting quickly to bring our body back into a balanced position. We use blocks, straps, mats and other pieces of equipment in our Yoga practices the same can be thought of with the use of equipment in fitness sessions.
  3. Yoga doesn’t fix everything. It is very common for us to see biomechanical imbalances in both beginners and advanced yoga practitioners. The extent of the imbalances are rarely felt by the practitioner, however easily spotted by a trained teacher.  Often, external intervention is needed to encourage the body to return to a state of balance. This may be in the form of restorative mobility or functional strengthening to cure compensating and weak parts of the body or by seeking help from a professional dealing in soft tissue manipulation.  Sometimes a combination of the two is needed.
  4. Yoga is far more than just a workout or a physical practice. The development of the body is key to creating a clear mind removing knots on a psychological level. We are looking to create the optimal conditions for the mind to function clearly and achieve concentration, free of external distraction.

Fitness can be utilized to provide this with the benefits of low impact HIIT and Functional training that balances the body, improves biomechanics, strengthens the nervous system and develops an efficient conversion and utilization of oxygen within the body.

Yoga and fitness, including extreme functional and hiit training, are two separate routes that when combined will allow us to continue developing on our own journey by harnessing the benefits from both.