ExtremeHiitYoga® seeks to be recognized as a world leader in providing accessible, quality and advanced education programming. Motivate and inspire the participants to take part on the initial and advanced ExtremeHiitYoga® courses, using the most actual toold in the fitness and yoga industry. ExtremeHiitYoga® wants to be in everybody’s home and all clubs, boxes and studios to ensure the participants get stronger, healthier and balanced.
ExtremeHiitYoga® is developing standars of healthy training trhough innovative movements, programs and techniques to ensure that participants from yoga and extreme-hiit training, are open to receive new toold of training and coaching in order to improve their lives and expand their careers.

ExtremeHiitYoga® leadership role as yoga and fitness educators, is also unconditionally committed to develope greater access to career opportunities for those who share our vision of helping others live a healthier and balanced life. Our overall objective is to provide a continuum of education to all the students, instructors and coaches who want to become part of something big to impact other’s life.

But our vision doesn’t finish here…We need more…we need a visionary project, the ExtremeHiitYoga® Project.



ExtremeHiitYoga®. When we heard this word the first thing pops up in our mind is “tough asanas” and “hardcore exercises”, but to your wonder ExtremeHiitYoga® is not simply related to “asanas” and “exercise”. It is more than an enthusiastic mix and profound rise with a touch of a spiritual component, which gives you something more than you ever received in the past.

The word yoga signifies “to include”, “to join”, “to unite”, or “to append” and this is all about. Not only join 2 worlds, like yoga and extreme-hiit training, but to unite the world of people that needs more of us.

The beauty of yoga and the energy of extreme trainng goes deeper and deeper to give to the less gifted, the chance to be more, live more and have the experience to enjoy healthy life-style as we already know.

In order to commit, a little further and beyond, ExtremeHiitYoga® wants to share the word of yoga and fitness with a special non-profit association that takes care of children from India, France-Inde-Karnataka. We are pleased to commit with Yoga Paris Project, an unique yoga organization leaded by Fabrice Tyack and managed by a team of dynamic and dedicated enthusiastic yogis with the support of the trustees, friends and committed volunteers.

ExtremeHiitYoga® will work hardly with Yoga Paris Project to improve the healthy life style of many Indian kids, thanks to the donatives given to France-Inde-Karnataka, and where ExtremeHiitYoga® will be happy and please to collaborate with. So more than thinking what you can earn, it’s time to think what you can give to them, by opening the traditional philosophy of yoga, and now ExtremeHiitYoga®, for a common good, sharing the simplicity and the generosity.

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