ExtremeHiitYoga® believes that the health and fitness is significantly misundertood it by trainers, coaches and professionals. Our efforts go directly to let them undertand about the importancy of body, mind and soul knowledge to live longer and better, and always balanced. Our mission is to inspire each and every ExtremeHiitYoga® participant, instructor and coach to positively impact their quality of life and with whom they come in contact.

ExtremeHiitYoga® is unconditionally committed to providing the highest quality education programs, in relationship with direct philosophies like yoga, extreme functional training and hiit training, advancing our ExtremeHiitYoga® philosophy as a whole, and developing greater access to every participant who want to share our vision of creating a stronger and healthier balanced World.

ExtremeHiitYoga® is ready to become a unique philosophy, program, disicpline, patent and trademark, creating a huge difference between other tardemarks that includes the concepts of “Yoga” or “extreme”.


  • Accessibility to ExtremeHiitYoga® tecniques and philosophy
  • Safety and responsability
  • Respect and kindness to others
  • Honour our own philosophy
  • Yoga, fitness and health knowledge
  • Innovation and creativity through an excellent education
  • Visionary leadership
  • Professionalism, high integrity and ethical standards
  • Teamwork, community and networking
  • Commitment to a healthy and productive lifestyle


  • To develop programs that are beneficial and of interest to the yoga and fitness industry
  • To impact professionals’ life by facilitating great opportunity of growth and expansion on yoga and fitness paths
  • To establish minimum requirements of quality and ethics standards to ensure that ExtremeHiitYogi®s  will be able to spread the word of ExtremeHiitYoga® to the highest level.
  • To become a unique and exclusive trademark, able to share, work and help other trademarks in benefit of the yoga and fitness industry.
  • To network with other professionals, companies and trademarks to union forces and develop a strong solid philosophy of well-being.