ExtremeHiitYoga® from Canada & Tyack, originally called CrossYoga®, is the unique yoga workout that integrates extreme functional & high intensity interval training (HIIT). Welcome to the ultimate yoga and extreme-hiit training that empower your fitness health condition whilst balancing your body, mind and soul.


ExtremeHiitYoga® maintains the structure of a real yoga class, keeping its essence and trying to avoid unnecessary concepts or strange nomenclatures to make sure that any yogi can follow it easly. ExtremeHiitYoga® class has unique yoga parts like the Welcome and breathing techniques, movility, flow secuences, the Sun Salutation and the specific parts like arm balances, leg balances, rotational works…

ExtremeHiitYoga® sessions keep the HIIT component. We ensure that results of this important extreme training part, is going to make all the students and participants succeed. HIIT, as High Interval Intensity Training, will add the metabolic content to this specific ExtremeHiitYoga® sessions. In a regular Yoga class, we cannot find this specific metabolic training, so we will make sure it keeps all the basic standards of quality to make the students build muscle whilst bruning fat. Our main goal, will be to reach our 90% of BPM máx, to ensure that all benefits from HIIT training are being gained. So with this specific part of the ExtremeHiitYoga® class, we will make sure that all flows in a perfect way to ensure the results. In ExtremeHiitYoga® Fire, extreme training props will be used. In ExtremeHiitYoga® Water, yoga props will be used. We want to ensure that a cross-training and extreme training participant will push himself to the limits but always doing it in a properly and saftey way.

At this time, and due to the quantity of information, ExtremeHiitYoga® team, decided to create different levels of ExtremeHiitYoga® Method to make sure each level will fit perfectly to all students and participants, depending on the goals and results, that’s why we created different styled Yoga having a strong foundations based on AcroYoga or partner workouts, Flow and artistic movement, Metabolic and cardio training, Water environment… This will allow us to ensure that all participants can get their results, depending on their goals and necessities.

Only with this amazing fusion, we will be able to find our inner warrior that will be able to battle and win the fight, by controling body, mind and soul, through incredible breathing techniques to make sure that body is able to continue the workout at its best condition, knowing when to calm down and knowing what to do when the heart will be pumping at its máximum effort.

We are strong to achieve what we want in life.

The power it’s in our body, mind and soul.

We just need to get the exact amount of Yin and Yang to balance our body and get our goals.

ExtremeHiitYoga® has just born, from the needs of a yogi and a extreme coach to achieve same goals for different styles: feeling better, stronger and balanced.

Flow like water, burn like fire.

Feel the wind on your hair, and the earth under your feet.

Be ether my friend!

ExtremeHiitYoga® is a unique system of yoga workout that includes high intensity interval training and extreme functional training. ExtremeHiitYoga® might use the terminologies of extreme training, HIIT training, functional training, fitness and/or yoga as public words and non-registered trademarks to define the type of training. ExtremeHiitYoga® is a unique philosophy, program, disicpline, patent and trademark, and has no direct relation with any other patent and/or trademark.